Montgomery Patent & Design works with individual and small businesses to protect their intellectual property while working within a budget.  Whether you are looking for a patent for a new product, a trademark for a new business, or a copyright for a new novel, we have licensed experts here to help you.

Our in-house team of Patent Attorneys/ Agents, Registered Professional Engineers and Draftsmen can integrate all aspects of legal, technical and design into your patent preparation and protection.  Including all of these disciplines together gives you everything you need to fully protect your invention.


Whether you are an enterprise business with a large patent portfolio or you are an individual inventing for the first time, we understand that cost is an important consideration.  Depending on your invention and what types of services that you need, will put together a cost-effective solution for you. 


Since 2004, our team has assisted in obtaining over 1,000 ISSUED patents.  You can trust our experience with your invention.  From patent searches, to application writing, to responding to office actions, our in-house team of experts can help take your invention from an idea to an issued patent.

Professional Services


Contact us to see whether a Utility Patent, Design Patent & Provisional Patent Application can protect your invention idea.

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Do you have a brand name or slogan that you want to prevent anyone from using  without your permission?

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Did you Write a book, poem, or instruction manual? How about a new painting or did you design your own jewelry line? If so, a Copyright may be for you.

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 Patent Drafting

A well prepared patent application can make the difference between securing rights to your invention vs. no protection at all.

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 Searches & Opinions

If you have an invention idea that you think is valuable & unique, a professional search with patent opinion can help you confirm that and save you money.

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 Licensing & Contracts

For many inventors, licensing their patent is the ultimate goal.  If you don’t know the ins and outs of licensing, we have experts that can help.

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 Engineering & Design

Our in-house Engineering & Design team can help you take your invention from an idea to a patentable product.

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 Virtual Prototyping

We have digital experts that can take 2D drawings and transform them into 3D Virtual Prototypes to really bring them to life.

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