Montgomery Patent & Design is a multi-discipline engineering and design consulting firm providing “small-entity” clients with technical services to help their intellectual property and product completion objectives. Members of our firm, both as individuals and as a team, strive to present technical services in a state-of-the-art fashion while addressing the schedule and budget constraints of our clients.

Product developers, producers, distributors and manufacturers are quickly moving from the traditional multiple and serial “design-build-test” cycle approach to an integrated, concurrent task and systems engineering paradigm, led by upfront planning, analysis and 3D prototype simulation, supported by credible product test data. This “paradigm shift” includes a move from a predominance of physical testing for product prototype validation to simulation-led problem solving and performance validation using Computer-Aided Engineering and Design tools.

Besides providing the best mode embodiments required by the United States Patent & Trademark Office, MP&D’s Technical Staff is fully cognizant of the factors that influence the success of a new product in the marketplace. Our staff can be your staff or complement the team you already have in place. Interacting with “small-entity” inventor clients is our specialty. Our Technical Staff is uniquely capable of melding the requirements for a patent with the “Three Fs of Product Design:” But what about the three Fs of product design?

  • Form—Make it look and feel good.
  • Fit—Make it easy to assemble within acceptable variances in the manufacturing process.
  • Function—Make it perform as specified under normal conditions.

From concept to production, MP&D integrates product design assistance with the engineering cycle in order to submit your product to market effectively, while maintaining the integrity of your design throughout the entire process.