Montgomery Patent & Design saves their “small-entity” clients time and money by creating Virtual Prototypes, also called systems performance modeling. The technology refers to the design, simulation and testing of new ideas, concepts, products, schemes or processes in a synthetic, but interactive, computer environment rather than spending time and expenses on physical embodiments. Virtual Prototyping has enjoyed tremendous growth and acceptance in recent years because of the improved software, more powerful hardware and the ability to instantaneously share/send files over either an intranet or internet system.

MP&D has invested in advanced, integrated software across the spectrum, from patent drafting, to engineering CAD drawings and on to Virtual Prototyping. This saves time for us and reduces costs for our clients. Accuracy is similarly improved. Our advanced software, equipment and abilities can be our clients’ competitive advantage, making new products come alive.

The principal key in new product development is reducing Research & Development time in order to meet the needs of the marketplace. An important byproduct of reduced time is reduced costs and waste. Virtual Prototyping is a most valuable tool in securing time and cost reduction while maintaining engineering integrity.

Virtual Prototypes are productive because they make possible the testing of many variations of a design, including geometry, materials and conditions, thus providing valuable feedback to the design team. The new purpose of a Physical Prototype is then to validate the final design of the Virtual Prototype.

Efficiency also comes into play when an engineer is enabled to apply a single validation to a family of parts or when a history of validations leads to a knowledge base of understanding and trust in the Virtual Prototyping process. Virtual Prototyping is also more cost-effective for products that require millions of dollars to bring to market and where the risk of failures is high, such as automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment and weapons systems design. Virtual Prototyping is capable of encompassing a variety of disciplines in a quick and efficient manner.